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My name is Chad King, and I am the Chief Instructor and Founder of Apex Defense Solutions, LLC. I am a credentialed USCCA instructor, and a NAAGA Range Safety Officer.

Apex Defense Solutions, LLC was born out of a desire to provide high quality firearms training to anyone who is legally eligible, while educating the broader public on firearms safety.

Century Gun Club

Century Gun Club was established in 1945 and was the first African American owned gun club in Michigan.  Century an American Trap shooting club.

Our primary mission is to promote safe and responsible use of firearms, and the sport of American Trap.

Great Lake Firearms Safety Training

Great Lakes Firearms Safety Training offers the most comprehensive
CCW (CPL) classes available, and has taught thousands students
seeking their CCW’s in Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio.

Great Lakes Firearms Safety Training has also has trained many
individuals to become successful NRA Instructors.

Ross Palmer is the President and Chief Instructor for Great Lakes
Firearms Safety Training.  He has had a life long love of firearms and is
a staunch supporter of Americans second amendment rights.  Ross
participates in numerous shooting events and is regular on the Midwest
IDPA and USPSA competition circuit.  

Firstline Firearms Academy

Firstline Firearms Academy, LLC conducts firearms training required for Michigan Concealed Pistol Licenses. Gun safety and shooting classes.

Firstline Firearms Academy, LLC offers classes for Michigan Concealed Pistol Licenses, Firearm Safety and Shooting Lessons. We also offer presentations and seminars in regards to the aftermath of a self defense shooting and we can provide an avenue to legal help regarding the lawful use of firearms both inside and outside of the home.

Our instructors are NRA Certified with years of experience in a wide array of self defense.

The Firing Line

Since 2002 FiringLine has become a leading Gun Shop in southeast Michigan. What started out as a hobby has now flourished into a passion that we are delighted to share with you. We are proud to have produced nearly two decades of satisfied, knowledgeable, and protected customers. Our love for this industry and our community is what drives us everyday to be the best. We look forward to growing and expanding our business for years to come!

J.R. Firearm Exchange

Your one-stop shop to purchase firearms, as well as gain the legal certification to obtain your Michigan CPL/CCW (concealed pistol license) license. J.R. Firearm Exchange offer a worldly selection for firearms, ammo, and accessories, for purchase, though our online gallery of merchandise. Our instructional division, offers one-on-one & group classes to meet the state requirement needed for the concealed pistol license.

Federal Firearm Dealer & CPL instructor. Transfer fees are $30 for handguns, and $25 for long barrels. Appointment required for all transactions.
FFL firearms dealer & NRA certified CPL/CCW instructor
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