Black Bottom Gun Club

Detroit, Michigan est. 2017
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We are excited to introduce the Black Bottom Gun Club, the first chapter member of the National African American Gun Association in Michigan. Based out of and serving Detroit and the surrounding cities, the Black Bottom Gun Club is named after the historic African American neighborhood that endured The Great Depression though World War II, as residents established black owned businesses, physician offices, and social institutions. Black Bottom was the home of Della Reese, Joe Louis, and Sugar Ray Robinson. After World War II, city and state officials declared that the infrastructure of the neighborhood was substandard, and due to redlining policies, no investment was put into Black Bottom. Black Bottom should be a source of inspiration, proving that despite the lack of equitable resources, adequate representation, Black people will survive and thrive.

The Black Bottom Gun Club was created in this spirit. Regardless of if the Bill of Rights were created with Black Americans in mind, they are ours now, and we will not let them go. We challenge any and all stereotypes and falsehoods about Second Amendment support and gun ownership among Black Americans. Our goals are to promote and train for safe and responsible gun ownership, self defense, and sportsmanship. The Black Bottom Gun Club recognizes the history and legacy of gun ownership among Black Americans and the sacrifices made to ensure that we have the inalienable right to self defense, so that those lessons can be applied today if applicable. We place an emphasis on understanding state gun laws. While the Black Bottom Gun Club is open to all races and ethnicities, we unapologetically place primacy on and center the unique needs and interests of African Americans relative to the Second Amendment. By joining us, you will help establish and grow a fellowship that will train and educate novices and experts alike, as well as benefit yourself with increased confidence and competency in handling firearms.

The goal of the National African American Gun Association is to establish a 2nd Amendment Organization that educates and trains our community on the rich legacy of gun ownership of African Americans, offering education, training, support, safety standards, and cultural inspiration.

Firearms Legal Protection has partnered with the Black Bottom Gun club to provide legal services and advice to our members. 
Firearms Legal Protection provides uncapped legal defense coverage for its members who legally use a firearm in self-defense or defense of others.  

In order to join the Black Bottom Gun Club, you MUST be a member of the National African American Gun Association. To establish membership with the national organization, please visit If you are a member in good standing, please contact us via facebook or email.

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